Who We Are

CAFAC is a licensed adoption agency situated in Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg. We represent and assist families from coast to coast in Canada. Our license accreditation allows us to work with Hague and non-Hague Countries. CAFAC is incorporated and registered under Canadian and Manitoba Law as a Not for Profit Organization.

Founded in January of 1995 by Adoptive Parents, CAFAC served as adoption facilitators until March of 1999. At that time, CAFAC became a licensed adoption agency under Manitoba's new Adoption Act and Regulations. CAFAC has assisted 1,000 family adoptions through the years.  Our accreditation is recognized in many foreign jurisdictions around the world.

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Upcoming Event

CAFAC is pleased to offer our Education Seminar to any interested families!  There are still spaces available for our upcoming seminar October 2-4, 2015 in Selkirk, MB.  For information, please contact Alison, our Adoption Services Coordinator at alisoncafac@gmail.com or 204-806-7057. Deadline for registration is September 18th, 2015.


CAFAC: PO Box 61069, RPO Grant Park, 6000-1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R3M 3X8 Phone: (204) 806-7057